I have had the opportunity to participate at many Pilates conferences, both as a student and a teacher. And I'm happy to see these conferences are going strong. The experience of learning among piers, from a seasoned presenter cannot be compared to studying a text or video.  The diversity of questions, the dialogue, the hands on presentations, and the ability to experience new physical challenges with the assistance of other teachers and presenters is a treat for curious learners. Teaching Pilates is a profession that requires one stay informed and up to date on the latest research and protocols.

But it is also a profession which embraces creativity and experimentation. At Learn from the Leaders its possible to gain insights from academically based presenters, hands on clinicians, and devoted innovators who push boundaries of training the body and brain. Watching movement on a video cannot reveal the subtleties a skillful eye must see to understand a movement fully. Conferences offer students the opportunity to see movement live, and to see it corrected in the moment.  As a presenter, I put myself in the innovator category. Having taught for over 25 years, I take care to hone my material and clarify its logic, so others may understand its purpose, and hopefully, find it useful to their practice. My favorite experience is when I can provide hands on feedback to an attendee or introduce a a new movement concept to them, then seeing the student's  "aha moment".

They have likely thought about the problem and now have gained a new insight into solving it.  Participating in conferences, as a student and teacher reminds us that we are all part of a larger community, with common goals and endless opportunities for support, and growth. The friendships, food, and the festivities are all icing on the cake. I look forward to celebrating with BASI in 2019!