Pilates Nerd is so excited to be a part of the upcoming BASI Learn from the Leaders conference in May. One of my greatest joys is connecting people through Pilates and a conference is a perfect place to do just that! Something profound happens at a conference - it’s a collective of people with shared enthusiasm seeking to elevate themselves and hone their craft. It’s a totally beautiful experience. 

It’s this kind of enthusiasm that I channel to create Pilates Nerd products that are unique, fun and educational. I create products which allow you to wear your Pilates enthusiasm proudly and can help spark a conversation about Pilates. 

As Pilates devotees the more we can spread the Pilates word the better. Joe Pilates thought his work could create world peace. I know one of the greatest joys of my career teaching Pilates is being able to deliver on that concept; the felt sense of peace and well being. One thing that truly unites us as Pilates educators is helping others find an improved version of themselves. I can’t think of a more worthwhile endeavor.

We’re excited to see you at the LFTL Conference in May. We’ll have a wonderful array of items, some made especially for the occasion!