I went to my first LFTL in 2013 in California, and apart from it being incredibly exciting to travel to BASI HQ, I was also really nervous that I wouldn't be good enough, or would embarrass myself. What I discovered on arrival though was something quite unique and different from what I had imagined. I found family. I found a group of incredibly talented, generous and kind people who embraced me, and made me one of them. This is BASI.

LFTL is an opportunity to learn and to fellowship with like minded inspiring people. We laugh non stop, we share the triumphs and the failures all the same, and we look forward to the next one the minute it finishes. There is usually such a wide spectrum of options to choose from in terms of workshops that we are truly spoilt for choice, and whatever you choose, will be awesome, and whatever you didn’t choose you will be sad you missed.
I encourage you to come …. this year California, 2020 Munich and Australia, 2021 Korea and London…. to infinity and beyond!!